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 MONU & RENU Facial Treatments

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Monu Skincare

Natural Science For Your Skin

What we put on your skin should be as healthy and natural as what you’d put into your body. We have always worked hard to ensure that our products conform to a strict ingredients policy and are manufactured, by us, to the highest standards. Monu skincare occupies a leading position in the skincare industry, as a result of continuous research based on the latest international scientific data. This continuous upgrading is under the direct supervision of Dr Colette Haydon.

Our Heritage

The story began over 30 years ago when British beauty therapist Susan Molyneux became, perhaps, the first beauty therapist to recognise that the efficacy of professional products required a different formulation to those available at the time. Unable to find a range to suit her client’s demands, Susan began creating her own products from English herbs and plants, marine extracts and natural ingredients to produce one of the most exciting skin care ranges to professional therapists, quickly becoming number one choice of beauty professionals in the UK.

Monu’s skin and body treatments offer reliable solutions with products tailored to meet the needs of four core treatment classifications, based on skin types and conditions. The methods and formula developed at Monu, have gained worldwide recognition and are at the root of our success.

Monu advanced skincare contains intelligent active ingredients and it is these that can deliver dramatic visible changes in the health and appearance of the skin.

Monu Treatments

Express Facial £20 (30 minutes)

If you are looking for quick results and don't have much time, this is the one for you. The perfect introduction to the Monu Skincare products and our advanced facial treatments. In this revitalising mini treatment, skin is deeply cleansed and exfoliated prior to an application of a mask and mini hand massage.

Aromatic Facial                                                                                      (1hr) £32.00

This signature Monu Facial includes a soothing massage to the face, neck and shoulders. Monu products are individually selected to suit the client's skin. Mask therapy and exfoliation are combined to promote skin radiance. And the perfect finish, a complementary hand and arm massage.

Soothing Oat Facial                                                                               (1hr) £34.00

This luxurious facial is based around a warming oat mask packed with 100% natural nutrients and proteins with soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients. This pampering and soothing treatment, combined with an exceptional relaxation massage, deeply nourishes, combats dryness and restores elasticity to the skin.

Smoothing Algae Facial                                                                        (75 mins) £34.00

A top of the range line smoothing treatment with a seaweed compress containing Marine Magnesium, that smoothes, lifts and energises the skin. This extremely effective partnership of active ingredients, combined with a superior treatment technique, imparts unparalleled skin radiance, freshness and tone, not to mention an uplifting and memorable experience.

Active Collagen-bio Facial                                                                    (1hr) £45.00

This facial has been designed to reduce the signs of ageing using freeze-dried collagen. This intensive collagen treatment will improve the skins ability to retain moisture. After just one treatment the skins ability to hold moisture is improved by up to 75%. After a course of 6 treatments wrinkle depth can be reduced by up to 40%. This treatment is suitable for dry, sensitive and wrinkle-prone skin. A must have for special ocassions, brides and mothers of the bride.

RENU Express Facial                                                                            (40mins) £25.00

The Renu Express is an ideal introduction to the renu anti-ageing range. Also great as a fortnightly treatment or as a quick "top-up" alternative to the Renu Lift Facial.

RENU Lift Facial                                                                                     (75 mins) £50.00

The ultimate relaxing and high performance treatment. This signature facial commences with the "relaxation touch", a warming and comforting beginning to the Renu Lift which offers all the relaxing benefits associated with the tried and trusted Monu Skincare treatment protocols, with the added benefit of new anti-ageing formulations found in the Renu skincare range. For dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin, a deeply nourishing treatment mask is applied which provides 100% natural nutrients and proteins which have soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients. For slack or devitalised skin, a seaweed based mask is used to lift and relax the epidermis using minerals and trace elements.

MONU+ Resurface and Peel Treatment                                             (45mins) £40.00
(course of 6) £240 including FREE Hydrating Moisturiser

The Monu Resurface and Peel System has been formulated for a variety of skin types and will deal with many different concerns within the skin, from acne, scarring, pigmentation and age spots, to reducing wrinkle depth and increasing cell renewal, vitality and radiance. Using a complex blend of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Papaya Enzymes, Citric Acids and Lactic Acid to eliminate dead cells, resurface and exfoliate, smooth and refine, reduce the appearance of pores, reduce in-growing hairs and to encourage cell renewal. Sodium Bicarbonate to deep cleanse, purify and clear congested pores whilst helping to reduce irritation and Vitamin C which is a potent anti-oxidant, helps to correct skin tone, brighten and clear a dull complexion whilst revitalising and increase radiance.

MONU Collagen Eye Treatment                                                            (1 hr) £32.00

This anti-ageing eye treatment uses collagen eye patches and is especially suitable for clients who suffer from dry, crepey skin around the eyes. To target dark circles and puffiness a specialised eye massage using lymphatic drainage techniques is recommended. This improves circulation and revitalizes the eye area. 

MONUSPA Golden Glow                                                                       (1 hr) £35

The Golden Glow tanning treatment gives an even, natural looking tan without any harmful effects of the sun. This treatment includes exfoliation, hydration as well as self-tanning. The tan will last approximately 4-10 days.

Decleor - Limited facials still available

Recognised around the world for over 30 years as a trusted expert and innovator in premium aromatherapy skincare, DECLÉOR continues to amaze and delight with pioneering aromatherapy treatments, essential oil formulations and seductively sensorial experiences to suit every skincare need. 
Please contact the salon for available treatments. 


True Beauty Top to Toe - 90mins £60.00

Our signature treatment, relax with Monu Aromatic Facial including back massage,scalp massage, hand and arm massage and foot massage.

Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion

An excellent and progressive treatment for ageing skin, pigmentation, scarring, spots, fine lines, wrinkles, overall softer brighter skin immediately. 10 treatments are recommended (must be paid in full before treatment commences)

Course of 10      £200.00

Skin Smoothie                                                                    30 minutes £25.00
Skin Smoothie & Eyen Pen                                               45 minutes £32.00
Eye Pen - puffiness and dark circles                               15 minutes £9.50
Microdermabrasion add on                                               15 minutes £6.00

Hands & Feet

Nailtique Manicures

File & Polish (20 mins)                   £10.00
Express Manicure (30 mins)           £15.00
Manicure (45 mins)                        £19.00
Luxury Manicure (60 mins)             £26.00
Soak, cuticle, exfoliate, file, polish, plus arm and hand massage, hot mitts and mask
Paraffin Wax Manicure                   £26.00
Perfect for people who suffer from dry skin or arthritic conditions

Nailtique Pedicures

File and Polish (20 mins)                 £10.00
Express Pedicure (30 mins)             £17.00
Pedicure (45mins)                           £20.00
Luxury Pedicure (60mins)                £27.00
Soak, cuticle, exfoliate,file,polish,foot massage, mask and heated booties
Paraffin Wax Pedicure                    £27.00  
Perfect for tired, throbbing feet and those with bunions and arthritic conditions 

Jessica GELeration  – a permanent nail colour lasting up to 2 weeks with added vitamins
Full Set including Manicure                                                   £25.00
Full Set including Pedicure                                                    £27.00
Refresh                                                                                     £19.00

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails - a gel nail treatment with added vitamins
Natural nail overlays (clear) 60 mins                           £26.00
Natural nail overlays (French/colour) 60 mins               £30.00
Single nail repair (after 1 week) 15 mins                      £5.00                                     
Infills 60 mins                                                           £23.50


Soak off incl. express Manicure           £14.00
Soak off including Manicure                 £19.00